Tuesday, December 7, 2010

During the Weekend

Dr. Waffles Plugging in

Well the school christmas play is coming up and my teacher got mad at me for forgetting my script during my last swim meet in portland.
The swim meet in portland was nothing to special for me. I kept my times, meaning I didn't lose any time or gain any time, the Pool room was a little musty, I had no energy, and we couldn't find a place to park. I guess the good part about the whole event was that I made some friends after three months on the team and I realized how lucky I was to not have one of our coaches yell at us through a microphone.
And now the best time of the year, Christmas. So, we started late coming up with a play. around two or three weeks ago I came up with a play idea and it stuck. Now the problem is I can barely remember any of my lines. I am going to try my best so hopefully the best will happen

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P.S. I didn't have any pictures of the meet, just videos that I could not load onto this post.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Finally plugged in

Sorry folks for the delay, I haven't found an outlet for the waffle iron until now!!!
I have not had enough time or interest in this blog until now. The Monhegan Madness blog covers most activities at the school and some extra topics to. But this time I beat them too the punch.

Saturday, Nov 20th, 2010. My second Swim meet ever started at 12:30pm and was one of the best things I have ever done. I entered three different races; the first was a 100yrd IM, the second was a 50yrd freestyle, and the final race was a 50yrd breaststroke.
The 100yrd IM came up quickly and I almost missed it. I can't remember much about the swim because the adrenaline wipes some of the race from my memory, but I CAN remember getting out of the pool, looking at the score board, and seeing, lane 8 first place on the score board. The joy in my chest was overwhelming at my first place in my heat. Then the worry kicked in, and I could not get the feeling out that I would get disqualified for a wrong finish, start, of turn.

Almost there!!!!
Half an hour passed by and it was ready to start my 50yrd freestyle. I got up on the diving block at lane 2 and dived into the water at the sound of the beep. Again I don't remember much, only the struggle for breath and speed, but when I came out of the pool I saw, Lane 2: first place. I almost screamed for joy as my Mom gave me a high five. I even got a few compliments from fellow team members (which doesn't happen much).

And that's the Score for the 100IM!
Then comes the boring part, an hour and a half of sitting around waiting for my 50yrd breaststroke. This race I remember the most of, especially seeing only the calmness of the pool water out of the corner of my eyes. This finally made sense to me when I saw on the score board, Lane 5: first place.
I went back to the place we were staying, with the feeling of victory in my chest. I have a tendency of getting cocky when I win but this time I held it in. Also, if you are worried I got disqualified, don't worry I didn't.

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